This A/c is specially designed to building a habit of savings to small kids and house wives by collect and control the unnecessarily expenditures at home, this program have been conducted in the following way:

  • This A/c is a time deposit scheme where you can choose 6 months up to 3 years schemes.
  • The Co-operative provides a Khutruke (piggy bank) to the member after opening an A/c in this program.
  • Once in a month, there must be a deposit entry to the account book of the depositor. The saved amount can be collected by the marketing staff and member self of the Kumari Saving.
  • From home in the presence of the depositor and that money is transferred to the account book of the depositor.
  • Interest will be added on quarterly basis.
  • The saved amount plus interest can be withdrawn after time maturity.
Duration Interest Rate
1 Year 8.50%
2 Year 9.00%
3 Year 9.25%