A life is a travel.

“No more wandering, Start saving and fulfilled you’re travelling desire in your life time”


“Regular savings of small or big amount started from today, will fulfill your desire to travel such as holidays, Religious and cultural around the world in lifetime even in young and old age”


The purpose of this travel savings account is to fulfill the desire of travelling hobby of our members by encouraging them to save a lump sum for expenses of according their desire of Travel & Tours, within Nepal or International dream of vacation, cultural, religious, holidays, adventure etc. destinations of worldwide. KUSCCOOP prepares our members for all the expenses by collecting deposit of a small to big amount on a regular basis either monthly or on a daily basis where amount can be collected by the self or marketing staff of the Kumari Saving.


This savings plan is for 6 months to 3 years.  Interest rates and other rules will be according to organization’s Savings Policy.


Duration Interest Rate
1 Year 8.50%
2 Year 9.00%
3 Year 9.25%