The purpose of this loan scheme is to provide the required loan amount to the members of Kumari Saving for the management of funds for the celebration of their festival according to their religious, culture, norms and values such as New Year, Birthday, Marriage ceremony, Bradabanda, Pasni and so on. If you have an account in KUSCCOOP for at least 3 month or daily saving, regular, monthly savings and member can apply for this loan. This loan scheme will be for 6 months to 3 year. This loan is on the basis Colleterial. It is mandatory to pay the principal and interest amount monthly or daily regular installments. Other rules will be in accordance with the Credit policy of the Kumari Saving.

Loan Interest:

  • 16%

Terms & Condition for Repayment of Loan

  • Member should pay EQI (Equated Quartely Installement Basis)
  • Member should be pay Interest Monthly