This loan scheme was initiated with the motive to fulfill the financial requirements of women for entrepreneur or business because total population of Nepal more than 51% are female population. They are not economically active in our society or country without female empowerment of the economy, our country economy will not be strong so KUSCCOOP provide women empowerment for actively participation of economic activities in house, society, or country in order to encourage them to start a business venture. It allows women to take loan on collateral base and against group guarantee for their creative, skill or less skilled women of our society.

Loan Size

  • up to NPR 50 Lakh

Interest Rate

  • 14.50% -16%

Loan Tenure

  • 1 Years to 3 Years


  • Age: 25 Years to 60 Years
  • EMI (Equated Quartely Installement Basis)
  • EQI  (Equated Monthly Installement Basis)

Priority Areas

  • Cottage and Small industry
  • Service sector
  • Business sector